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Details of Packages
Particulars Silver Package Gold Package Dimond Package
Number of Pages 104 104 104
Authors Copies 25 50 100
Formatting of Book Yes Yes Yes
Proof-reading by Author One Two Two
Proof Reading at INB x X One
Cover Designs One Two Three
ISBN Number Yes Yes Yes
Printing of Book (B&W) Yes Yes Yes
Listing on Amazon Yes Yes Yes
Listing on Flipkart Yes Yes Yes
Listing on Yes Yes Yes
Author’s Profile in INB Site X Yes Yes
Royalty 10% 10% 12.50%
Discount on Extra Books 20% 30% 30%
Author’s Interview X X Yes
Author’s Bite on Youtube X Yes Yes
Extra Facilities
Particulars Charges Remarks
Global Publication 5000/- Book will be publication from U.S.A. also.
Basic Typing 15/- per page Will be charged if book is not provided in soft copy
Editing 20/- per page Author’s Choice
Hard Cover 50/- per book Author’s Choice
Shipping/Courier Charges On Actual basis On Actual Basis
Copyright Registration Rs. 2,000/- Including Government fees
e-book Making Rs. 5,000/- All inclusive
Reprint Block of 30 books Block of 30 books
Marketing As per discussion As per discussion


At least 60 percent of the amount of support you will have to be give advance on acceptance of the proposal. The remaining 40 percent of the book will be payable before being sent to the press.

Important Points

1) The publication of the book will be done by India Netbooks Pvt. Ltd.

2) Usually the book is published within 120-150 days of sending the complete manuscript.

3) After publication, the book will be made available on the website of India Netbooks Pvt. Ltd.,

4) The Book shall also be made available at the other online stores e.g,,,, etc..

5) Pre-booking will be India Netbooks Pvt. Ltd., InfoBeam and Amazon.

6) In the event of a change in the online stores policy, the availability of books may be affected.

7) The MRP shall be determined after mutual consideration, generally a Paperback book up to 144 pages will be between MRP Rs 100-Rs 125 and the hardcover book price (MRP) will be between Rs 125 to Rs 175.

8) The book can also be published in e-book/kindle format.

9) The cover design is done by the art department of India Netbooks Pvt Ltd., but if the author wants to give a design on his behalf India NetbooksPvt. Ltd. will accept it.

10) The team always tries that the book be published with at least faults, so one round of editing and three rounds proofreading is done. The Author will be expected to do at least two rounds of proofreading/approval

12) The book is sent to the press only after the author's final acceptance and the green signal. This may result into increase in time of publication.

Marketing & Promotion of the Book:

1) The India Netbboks Pvt. Ltd. promotes a book and attracts readers through its Website as well as Facebook page, creating attractive banners and so on.

2) India Netbooks Pvt.Ltd. also sends copies of the book to the famous Journals in the country.

3) If the author invests money for the promotion of Facebook's book, it also promotes the book through Facebook Promotion Schemes

4) Promotion plans suggested by the author come within the functionality of the IndiaNetbook then they are also implemented

5) If the author can afford to spend the money given in the advertisement of the book in newspapers/magazines or share a portion of the total expenditure (in the case of inclusive advertising), then this campaign is also disseminated.

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